Thursday, August 31, 2006

There Be Fev-vers Outside!

The bestest fings to watch outside are the birdies. Momma puts birdy seed by the window so they come close and we can see them better. Fanks, Momma!

Since Momma feeds them, some doves finks they live here and sleep on the 'lectric meter box in the garage and on the roof gutter at night. Too bad we don't go outside so we can get to know them better!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Silly Birdie!

Hey Grr, look itz Quincy! He wuz hanging upsee down in his birdie jail.

Then he came down and wuz dancing back and forth on hiz perch.

Silly birdie!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We Gots a Purrize!

Ooo looky, we gots a package in the mail. Who iz it frum? Wow, itz frum Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat and came all the way frum Whiskonsin.

They sended us sparkly balls, one fur each kitty, and Tem-tay-shun treats fur being the 10,001st visitor to their blog!

Yep, that's mine name on the envy-lope.

(Momma, do I haves to share?)

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Furrend Buddy

Buddy came offur for a visit this weekend and he still likes me! Then Sammi came offur and gave him kisses all offur his face 'cuz she thinks he'z her boyfriend. But I fink he likes me better!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Got a Chip!

Yestaday I wuz taking a nice nap when Grandpaw gotted me and put me in the carrier. Then Momma came home early from her workplace and took me to the V.E.T. and they put a CHIP in me! Why'd you do that, Momma? I'z not a 'puter!

Pumpkin, in case you get lost like poor Luna did, the microchip ID will tell the people who find you where you live so that they can call me and I can take you home. (AND it only cost $5 in the month of August!)

Friday, August 25, 2006


Aww Momma, didja HAF to show efurryone those pictors? I'm so embarrassed!

But Tiger, they are SO FUNNY and made everyone smile! And you were sooo cute!

Tiger's Tummy

When it's hot, Tiger likes to sleep with his tummy exposed too.

The following pictures always cracks me up. I've NEVER seen Tiger sleep this way before and he was SO relaxed, he was about to slide off the couch. I just HAD to run and get my camera for a few pictures before he ended up on the floor. LOL!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Weighing In

Hi, It's Linda. With certain kitties like Rascal, Grr and Mrs. B concerned about their weights, I became curious about how much OUR kitties weighed. Pumpkin was easy since I'm still weighing him in the basket on the postal scale. At 10-months-old, he weighs 8 1/4 pounds.
I had to resort to the dreaded cat carrier and the food scale for the rest of the cats. Blackie has always been slim and weighed in at 10 pounds. Tiger is getting more solid at 3-years-old and weighed in at 12 1/2 pounds. Bebe hid when he heard Blackie and Tiger complaining about being put in the carrier. I had to wait until I could catch him unawares sleeping in his kitty bed before I could get him in the carrier. He's a hefty 15 pounds. He's a big cat and though he DOES have a little bit of pooch to his belly, I don't think he's fat.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Visiting Woofies

Itz Wenzday so Sammi iz coming offur. She comes offur EFURRY Wenzday. Her momma is mine momma's sisfur. Aunty Lynette feels sorry for Sammi cuz she'z all by herself all week when she and Uncle Frank haz to work so Sammi comes to mine house so she can play wiff Pluto and Suzy. She plays wiff Bebe and me too. We play chase. Furst Sammi chases me, then I chase her. She follows Grandpaw efurrywhere he goes but when she'z in the house, I let her use our windows to look outside.

Last Fanksgiffing when I wuz 6-weeks-old, Buddy came to visit. Hiz daddy is married to mine momma's offur sisfur. Aunty Leona is the one who found me and brung me to mine momma cuz Uncle Stan has allergeez and can't live wiff kitties. Buddy LIKES me but momma had to watch to make sure he didn't squish me cuz he'z so big and I wuz so little.

Aunty Leona's woofie Chloe sumtimes chases me. She can't see too good now so she can't catch me. She stayz wiff us when Aunty Leona and Uncle Stan go on va-cay-shun.

This summer, mine momma's OFFUR sisfur came to visit wiff her fambly all the way from San An-tony-o, Texus. Aunty Pam iz the one who gotted Quincy 23 years ago. Vaughn came too. He'z a guide dog and helps Uncle Dominic see. The furst kitty he met when he came in the house wuz Blackie. She GROWLED at him and made him run away. Aunty Pam is the only aunty who has kitties, but Niles, Willy and KC Kitty stayed home in Texus.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Hot!

Belly up iz the bestest position to sleep in when it's hot!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Favorite Toys

Hi, it's Linda. Pumpkin is sleeping right now so I thought I'd tell you about some of the favorite toys that the cats play with. Bebe lost it quite awhile ago, but he used to have a toy that he carried around and talked to. It was once a fake sheepskin mouse but after being repeatedly drowned in the water dish, the eyes, ears and tail fell off, some of the "fur" fell off too and it got very lumpy but he just LOVED that toy. We never found out what happened to it but he used to tuck it away in hiding places and one of those hiding places MIGHT have been the trash can.

When Tiger was younger, he used to play with a sparkly tinsel ball. He also loved to play with mylar crinkle balls and mylar mice. When you'd roll it around in your hand so that it made a crackly sound, he would come running. He still gives them a swat when he walks past one but he no longer chases them around the floor like he used to.

Pumpkin LOVES paper balls. When you crumple one up for him, he'll appear from wherever in the house he was and sit there impatiently waiting for you to toss it to him. He'll bat it around a bit and then take it to another part of the house to play with. We find them all over the house.
Blackie doesn't play with the boys but she'll play with the cat toys when no one's watching. I'd be in the kitchen and see a mousie go flying throught the air in the patio with Blackie chasing after it. I couldn't get a picture of her doing it but they end up all over the place. Once I even found a mousie in one of my shoes!

Friday, August 18, 2006

What's Outside?

Though we're indoor kitties, we luvs to watch what's happening outside. All the good windows fur watching birdies and the woofies iz in the lifink room so Blackie don't get to look outside too much cuz she stays in the patio. Sumtimes I stand on Momma's bed to look outside her window.

Grr got the fev-vers we sent her. Come and see!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Sleepover

To go to Momma's Aunty Pat's house fur our sleepover on Monday, all the kitties had to ride in carriers. Nobody liked being locked up but Bebe cursed the mostest and loudest. He effun hissed at Momma when she putted him in the carrier. I heard him!

We rode a long time in the car.
No, Pumpkin, it was only a 10 minute car ride.
Well, it SEEMED like a long time!

She let efurrybody out when we got there but Bebe was still cursing he was so mad! Tiger was scared and hid in Bebe's carrier wiff him. I told them there was nofing to be scared of but they didn't listen to me.

(LOL! Pumpkin looks like a wild animal with his glowy eyes and open mouth but he was the calmest of the lot. Maybe he was just laughing hysterically at the fuss everybody was making.)

Then we hid underneath Aunty Pat's bed. Blackie went under the couch and Tiger went there afterwards. I kept Bebe company after he stopped cursing and went to sleep and Tiger finally stopped being scared and went to sleep too. Later on, Blackie and me went exploring around the house but Bebe and Tiger didn't come out until it was dark and efurrybody wuz asleep.

Pluto and Suzy liked lying on the grass in the back yard since it wuz cool outside and Quincy wuz very quiet in his birdy jail at the side of the house.
Momma went back to check on the house and the fishy tanks that had to be moved outside and took these pictors of the tent they putted on the house.
We went back home on Tuesday night and again Bebe cursed during the car ride. He REALLY don't like the carrier. Efurrybody else was quiet. It's good to be back home. Momma, Grandpaw and Grandmaw picked up lots of dead lizards and bugs before we got home but I fink they missed some becuz the house smells funny!