Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Quincy's Gotcha Day

It'z hard to beleeve but today iz mine birdy brothur Quincy's 24th Gotcha Day! Aunty Pam wuz in middle skool when she got Quincy. Now she'z married, liffing in San An-tony-o, haz 2 small beans and TEECHES middle skool! Happy Gotcha Day, Quincy! (In case yu missed heering Quincy talking, heer's a movie that Momma posted last January.)


Monday, July 30, 2007

Man Cat Monday - Scratching Post

A man cat needs to keep hiz claws sharp by yoosing a good scratching post freekwently.

Yu can see ware Grandpaw had to replace part of the rope (again) cuz it got all shredded up and then it broked. This is whut it looked like afore he fixed it.

Sumtimes I sit on TOP of the scratching post and scratch frum above. This makes it more interesting and rekwires praktice. No othur poodin duz it like that. (The lady tries to get a pikchur of me doing this but by the time she gets her flashy box, I'm dun.)

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Aloha to Pluto

I'm sorry to have to report that on Monday, we had to help Pluto to the Rainbow Bridge. Back in March, we discovered a lump on his neck below his ear and a biopsy showed that it was cancer. Due to his advanced age of 15, the vet didn't think he would respond to chemotherapy very well and removing the lump would be very difficult since they would have to remove part of his jawbone too. So we decided to let him live with the cancer and try to keep him as happy as possible. He didn't seem to be in pain except for his usual stiffness from the arthritis but on his last trip to the beach, he had to be carried down to the water since he couldn't make it on his own. And when he stopped eating and drinking and couldn't stand up anymore, we decided that he was telling us that he was ready to join Suzy at the Rainbow Bridge. His ashes will join Suzy's at the beach that they loved so much.

(This picture was taken last Summer during one of their visits to the beach.)

He was a great dog and he lived a long and happy life. Goodbye, gentle Pluto. You will be missed!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wordless Wenzday


Monday, July 23, 2007

Man Cat Monday - More Boxes!

Yep, I fownd MORE boxes to clame az mine own!


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Friday, July 20, 2007

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate's Life For Me!

When Momma wuz on baycayshun last week, she went to Dizzyland and saw PIRATES!
She saw two tabby poodins (if yu biggify the pikchur yu can see them rite in the middle) and Captin Jack Sparrow frum the moovies popped up here and thare (but he duzn't haff any fev-vers so why is he named after a birdie?)

And I got a kewl pirate hed scarf! Arrrr!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

10,000 VISITS

WHOOT! I nearly haff 10,000 bizits to mine blog! If you are the 10,000th biziter, leeve a comment to let us know and Momma will send yu a little somefing frum me! WHOOT!

Update: Well I gess Momma dint allow enuff time fur efurrykitty to see this post and the 10,000th biziter dint leeve a message so we'll do anothur contest. Maybe fur the 11,000th biziter!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Woofie Wednesday - Pluto's Secret Paws

Mine owtside woofie brothur Pluto ALSO gotted hiz Secret Paws box when Momma wuz on bay-cay-shun and it came frum Kesey who wuz Suzy's Secret Paws!

Look at all the woofie treets he got!

He'z gonna share it wiff Benson the noo woofie.
Pluto and Benson sez, fank yu Kesey!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tabby Tuesday - Tiger's Secret Paws

Looky at whut I got wile Momma wuz on the maneland in L.A.! Mine Secret Paws box frum Shamy and Taps, the Katnippia Mancats!

I got 2 colorful roly balls, a purple mousie, a pink NIP mousie, Whiska Lickins treets, and a pink fev-ver fishie toy on a string! Ov corse, Pumkin had to come ovur to check owt whut I got.
Hey, don't get any ideas, these are MINE!
But wile I wuz checking owt the treets, Pumpkin STOLE the fev-ver fishie!

But Momma gotted it back fur me and I got to play wiff it.
Fank yu Shammy and Taps fur the wunderful goodies!

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Midnight Monday - Blackie's Secret Paws

My Secret Paws box came wile the Lady wuz away so I had to WAIT A VURY LONG TIME to see whut I got! Looky at whut mine noo furrend Lucinda sent me!
I got cat grass, Sheba stinky goodness, Tem-tay-shuns and best ov all NIP! Pumpkin came ovur to see whut I got but the nip iz MINE!
Well, I gess I'll share the stinky goodness wiff Pumpkin and let efurrykitty haff sum Tem-tay-shuns and the cat grass but the nip is ALL MINE!
Fank yu, Lucinda! I luv efurryfing! (but espeshully the NIP!)
P.S. duz anykitty noe if Lucinda haz a blog? I'd like to bizit and let her noe I got mine Secret Paws box.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Momma Iz Leeving Me!

*sob* Momma is gonna be gone fur WUN HOLE WEEK! She leeves tomorra morning to go to the Beauty and the Beast convenshun in Culver City and afta that, her and her furrends iz gonna bizit Disneyland. I herd thare's a vishus deer named Bambi that liffs thare so I told her to be extra careful. Since she iz the wun who helps me blog, I can't bizit mine furrends until she gets back next week Friday! Bummers! I need a compyooter wiff kittyvoice recognishun software!


Pluto's Secret Paws

Pumpkin's Momma here: Suzy was supposed to be Sadie's Secret Paws but since she went to the Bridge, it was sent to Pluto instead. He received liver treats, squeaky toys, and a very patriotic bandana.

He's sharing the treats with Benson, the new woofie, and Benson has stolen all of the toys.

At least Pluto got to wear the bandana!

Sadie's Mom made a very nice memorial for Suzy. Thank you Sadie and Mom Linda!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July celebration!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bebe's Secret Paws

LOOKY! I got a box frum Sparky Fuzzypants, one ov Daisy Mae Maus's Feline Americans! WOW, look at all the GRATE STUFF he sented me!

I got all kinds of treets, stinky goodness, fev-ver butt mousies, a fev-ver wand toy (which Pumpkin stole), a crackly fishie toy, a wooly bully mousie, a yeller plastic mousie toy, a nip bubble macheen, and reel organic NIP! Effen the CARD I got cood be planted to grow flowers cuz thare wuz seeds put in it. Thare wuz so much goodies that I shared wiff mine bruthurs. Tiger LUVED the green fev-ver butt mousie and put the bitey on it, big time!

I drooled and rubbed all over the bag ov nip but the Lady took it away afore I cood put the bitey on it an rip it open. She sed I cood haff only a little bit at a time and gave me a pinch.

And to cap it off, I got mine vury own squillion who looks just like me! He effen haz a spot on hiz noze! Fank you Sparky Fuzzypants for the grate Secret Paws gifties!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Quincy's Secret Paws

My Secret Paws box arrived!

Daphne and Chloe at Purrchance to Dream was Tiger's Secret Paws and in return, I'm Daphne and Chloe's Secret Paws. How about that? Tiger was very interested in the contents of my box since he could probably smell Daphne and Chloe on it.
I got a WUNDERFUL chew toy, which I've been chewing on, and dried cherries from their home state of Michigan.

The Lady gave me some of the cherries and I've been munching on them. They're very good. The Lady tried some too and she agrees. Thank you Daphne and Chloe for my Secret Paws!

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