Monday, October 15, 2007


Today I'm two, I fink! I wuz too yung to amember the day I wuz borned so Momma finks 2-weeks afore I wuz fownd iz mine berfday! Last yeer, we had a BIG erthkwake to celebrate. I'd rather haff a party! Thare are LOTZ ov toys to play wiff, and BUNCHES of treets to eet so teleport offur and help yoreself!



At 10/15/2007 3:38 AM, Blogger Rosie (and friends) said...

Oh, happy birthday! I love birthdays, they are so exciting!

I don't think I have ever seen so many temptations in one spot before.


At 10/15/2007 4:09 AM, Blogger Dragonheart said...

Happy Birthday! :) I hope you have a great day! Look at all those Temptations!!!

At 10/15/2007 4:15 AM, Blogger Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Happy Purrthday Pumkin and a squillion more...whoa, lookit all dem treats! We'll be over to play, we'll bring some of our home grown nip for yoo guys. See ya in a little while.

At 10/15/2007 5:05 AM, Blogger Captain Jack and Dante said...

Happy Purrthday! That is quite few treats you have there!! Can we come over and share?!

At 10/15/2007 5:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pumpkin."Wow" look at all those treats and toys.

At 10/15/2007 5:07 AM, Anonymous Cheysuli said...

wow! happy birthday! That is a TON of temptations! We will be by to check out those toys today. I'd hate for you to have inferior one.

At 10/15/2007 5:42 AM, Blogger Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Happy Purrthdday, Pumpkin!!

Wow, lookit all those toys and treats, this is sooo much fun!!

At 10/15/2007 6:02 AM, Blogger Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!!
Wowie you haf a whole lot of Temptayshuns now we are jealous...

purrrs Kashim & Othello

At 10/15/2007 6:47 AM, Blogger Fat Eric said...

Happy happy purrthday, Pumpkin, you are just a youngster! As one of my fellow Gorgeous Gingers you are looking very well.

I fainted when I saw that picture of all those gazillion Temptations, my mum had to revive me by waving treats under my nose!

At 10/15/2007 6:51 AM, Blogger ML (Mary Lynn) said...

O, Pumpkin, Happy Purrfday. Do u's mind if we's all come over 'n share ur's birfday goodies wif u's? What a grrreat week, furrst Jack's awesome party and now another one. i's so glad i's a cat an on tha Cat Blogosphere!
we's be back in a few minutes,
Purrs & Love, KC
and Missy Blue Eyes, and Momma Dinah, and Autumn, Bond, Nigel, Sol, Earl, BJ.

pee ess: will Quincy be theres? i'd love fur tha Mites to meet hims.

At 10/15/2007 6:55 AM, Blogger China Cat said...

Hi Pumpkin and Happy Birthday to you! You look ready for a terrific party with all those toys and Temptations - Wow! This should be a wonderful birthday for you!

Purrrs, from another Gorgeous Ginger,
China Cat

At 10/15/2007 7:00 AM, Blogger Daisy said...

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin! I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness! I am in awe because I have never seen so many Temptations in one place before.

At 10/15/2007 7:10 AM, Anonymous purrchance to dream said...

Happy Purrthday, Pumpkin!
We had to restrain Chloe from jumping into the computer screen - she's never seen such an array of Temptations before!
Wow, that is some SERIOUS birthday loot!
your friends from Purrchance To Dream

At 10/15/2007 7:35 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

ooooooo we is on our way!!

Happy Purrfday to you
Happy Purrfday to you
Happy Purrfday dear Pumpkin
Happy Purrfday to you!!

YAY! Fanks for inviting us

At 10/15/2007 8:01 AM, Blogger Victor Tabbycat said...

Hippo Birdy Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdy Deer Tempta... Pumpkin,
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes!
... and many more...

At 10/15/2007 8:06 AM, Blogger Jimmy Joe said...

Happy Birthday, buddy! Great party.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

At 10/15/2007 8:11 AM, Blogger Skeeter And LC said...

Yikes Pumpkin, we dont think we ever saw so many temptations in one place effer!

Are there any left?

We think we hafta post about this!

Skeeer and LC

At 10/15/2007 8:20 AM, Blogger Samantha & Tigger said...

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 2nd Purrthday Pumpkin!! And many, many moooooore!!!
We love Temptations and we hope they are not all gone yet. Thanks for inviting us to your cool party!! I want the orange mousie to play with! (Tigger) I think the white one is for me. (sam) Let's see who can get there first. :Sam & Tig race to the toy baskets: I beat you Tigger!!
Your FL furiends,

At 10/15/2007 9:37 AM, Blogger Pumpkin said...

Thare are still lotz of Tem-tay-shuns fur effurrywun so help yoreself! After mine Fancy Feest stinky goodness this morning, I had sum beef Tem-tay-shuns. Momma sed when she comes home frum her werkplace, she haz a noo toy fur me. I'm haffing SHRIMP tonite and Grandmaw gave me a noo milk cap ring to play wiff. I luff playing with them but Bebe bites them up so I haff to hide them frum him.

At 10/15/2007 10:00 AM, Blogger Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh. My. Bast.*wiping tear* it is so beautiful. I've never seen anything so beautiful.

Happy second birthday Pumpkin!! Thanks for inviting everyone and sharing such great treats and toys. Hopefully there won't be an earthquake, but maybe Bendrix will make your house look like there was one. He loves parties.

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!!!!!

At 10/15/2007 10:15 AM, Blogger The Crew said...

Look at all those treats!! Temp-ta-shuns are my very favorite. We'll be right over.

Oh yeah, and Happy Purrthday! 2 is a great age.

At 10/15/2007 10:42 AM, Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

HAPPY PURRTHDAY PUMPKIN! we're comin' offur ta sellybrate wif you an we'z bringin' owr appytites. YUM-O!

At 10/15/2007 11:12 AM, Blogger Queen Snickers said...

Happy Birthday Pumpkin! Wow so many treats! Have a fun 2nd year!

At 10/15/2007 11:49 AM, Blogger One-Eyed Jack said...

Oh WOW!!! I thought MY Tin of a Squillion Temptations had a lot of Temptations in it! And you have as many toys as I do!

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!! We're here to party with you!

Jack and Persephone

At 10/15/2007 1:45 PM, Blogger Derby said...

Happy Purrthday Pumpkin. The party is great, so many treats and stuff. May you have many more happy events to cellybrate.

At 10/15/2007 1:45 PM, Blogger Tara said...

Oh, I think I just died and went to heaven!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pumpkin!


At 10/15/2007 2:10 PM, Blogger Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Oh wow!!! SO MANY TEMPTATIONS!! *drool*


~Donny, Marie, Casey

At 10/15/2007 2:22 PM, Blogger NinjaCat said...

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!!


At 10/15/2007 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday, Pumpkin!!

Wow, there's 1 year salary of me on the floor!! (I have an official job since today:)

~ Ruis

At 10/15/2007 3:16 PM, Blogger The M's said...

Happy Birthday Pumpkin!
Look at all those temptations, I feel faint....Munchkin

At 10/15/2007 3:17 PM, Blogger THE ZOO said...

Happy Birthday Pumpkin. Luks lyk yoo cleaned up on the presents.

At 10/15/2007 4:11 PM, Blogger Alexi said...

Oooh, Pumpkin! Happy perfday! So many really rate! Of course, yew deserve dem. I'm on my way to the par-tay!
See you soon,


At 10/15/2007 4:22 PM, Blogger The Cat Realm said...

A very happy birthday!!! You got wonderful presents!!!

At 10/15/2007 4:31 PM, Blogger Henry Helton said...

Happy Birthday and Holy Crap Look At All Those Temptations. I am drooooooling.

At 10/15/2007 4:54 PM, Blogger Rascal said...

Happy Birthday Pumpkin! To celebrate, I'm giving you an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up.

At 10/15/2007 5:18 PM, Blogger Mickey said...

Man oh man look at ALL that!!!!I'm gonna gain a ton,heehee
Happy Birthday Pumpkin!!!!!!!!!
You really know how to throw a party,Thanks!!

At 10/15/2007 5:35 PM, Blogger Kimo & Sabi said...

Happy purrthday!

At 10/15/2007 5:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin! You have a lot to celebrate!

At 10/15/2007 6:04 PM, Blogger jenianddean said...

OH my gosh!!!!!!!! Treats all around! Happy Birthday Pumpkin!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

At 10/16/2007 3:15 PM, Blogger Tiger Lily said...

Happy Birthday a little late Pumpkin! We're really sorry we missed your birthday party.

Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

At 10/17/2007 3:50 AM, Blogger Benjamin Fuzz said...

that's a mighty haul for your birthday, pumpkin! i hope you had a great time!

At 10/22/2007 4:43 AM, Blogger Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Happy Puurrrrthday to you. Look at all those toys and treats! You are one lucky kitty! (Sorry I a little belated!)


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