Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tabby Toes on Tuesday

I'm the only poodin in this howse who crosses thare paws like this.
I fink it makes me look vury dignified!

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At 3/18/2008 2:29 AM, Blogger Honey P. Sunshine said...

yesh, furry dignified!

At 3/18/2008 2:42 AM, Blogger Parker said...

It makes you look very smart too!

At 3/18/2008 4:26 AM, Blogger Daisy said...

Tiger, that is a very distinguished looking pose! I like it. But I do not know how to do it myself.

At 3/18/2008 10:31 AM, Blogger Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

It does look furry dignified.

At 3/18/2008 12:01 PM, Blogger Artsy Catsy said...

Tiger, that is the most dignified pose I've ever seen! It makes you look like a professor, or maybe a diplomat.


At 3/18/2008 2:21 PM, Blogger Mickey said...

Tiger, you look SO cool!!!!! What a neat pose. You must be the thinker in the family :)
Purrs Mickey

At 3/18/2008 4:47 PM, Blogger Derby said...

I cross my paws too like that sometimes. You look furry dignified.


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