Saturday, April 12, 2008

Purrs Fur Mu Shue, Lilly Lu and Iris

Thare wuz a terribull fire in Mama Laura's apartment building and she can't get in to find owt if Mu Shue, Lilly Lu and Iris are okay. Lots and lots ov purrs are being sent to Massachusetts in hopes that efurrywun is safe.



At 4/12/2008 4:35 AM, Blogger momsbusy said...

this is fery sad thing. fire is bad ans scary. we is purrayin fur a miracle.


At 4/12/2008 6:44 AM, Blogger ML said...

We are purring and praying for Mama Laura and for our furriends, Lilly Lu, Mu Shue and Iris.
There is a tiny bit of hope that they were able to get away and we are clinging to that. Just keep praying that they did and will be found today.
:: leaking eyes ::
Love & Purrs,
KC and The Sherwood Bunch

At 4/13/2008 3:18 PM, Blogger Derby said...

They are ok and back with their mum!


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