Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wordless Wenzday

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Gotted Tagged!

Beau Beau tagged me! After thinking fur a while, heer are mine answers:

A. Name four places you have lived
1. Owtside neer tha airport
2. Owtside Aunty Laura's howse
3. The howse I live inside now wiff Pumpkin, Bebe and Tiger
4. The Lady's Momma wanted to send me to the pownd cuz I peed on the patio cowch on Friday but I'Z NOT GOING!

B. Four things I love to watch
1. The othur kittys below frum mine cage above
2. The Lady putting mine stinky goodness in the bowl
3. The Lady's Momma taking care of her plants owtside

C. Four places I have been outside my home
1. The V.E.T.
2. The Lady carried me in the garaj fur 5 seconds before putting me back inside
3. The Humane Society to get mine micro chip put in mine nek
3. Aunty Pat's howse fur a sleepover when owr howse wuz tented to kill the bugs in the walls

D. Four websites I visit daily
1. The Cat Blogosphere (when it'z werking)
2. Kat's Cat of the Day
3. Cute Overload
The other cat blogs when I can

E. Four of my favorite foods.
1. Tem-tay-shuns!
2. Stinky goodness
3. Chikun
4. Stake

F. Four places I would rather be right now
1. Not in the same room wiff Tiger
2. In a patch of FRESH catnip

G. Four toys I have owned and played with
1. Catnip bag
2. Fev-ver catnip carrot
3. Furry mousie
4. Catnip fishie

H. Four nicknames people call me
1. Black cat
2. Black black
3. Pie pie face
4. The Halloween Cat

I. Regarding catnip
• Love it!
• It's nice
• Could take it or leave it
• Don't like it or can't have it

J. Regarding cat grass
• Love it!
• It's nice
• Could take it or leave it
• Don't like it or can't have it
• N/A - I've never tried it

K. First things I buy after winning the lottery
1. A catnip farm
2. An indoor fish pond
3. A tem-tay-shun dispenser so I can help mineself to tem-tay-shuns whenever I want sum
4. A ceeling high carpeted cat tree wiff platforms and hammocks

L. Four things I do besides eat, sleep and litter box
1. Beg to be brushed
2. Scratch on the scratching post
3. Roll on the catnip toys
4. Barf mine food back in the food bowl

M. Four things I want to do this summer
1. Find a new home fur Tiger
2. Lern how to open stinky goodness cans

N. My four most prized posessions that have limited value to anyone else
1. My cage
2. My catnip mousie

O. What I am going to do before tomorrow
1. Hide frum Tiger
2. Ask fur treats
3. Sleep behind the cowch

P. Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play
• paper bags
• plastic bags
• boxes
• other (explain)behind the patio cowch

Q. Four other pets that my humans have had with me
1. Pumpkin
2. Bebe
3. Tiger
4. Quincy

R. Four furiends I tag to respond.

Lotz of kitties already gotted tagged but if yu haffen't, yu can play too. Just copy this list and paste it into a new post. Insert your own answers, pass it on, and leave me a comment. I hope you have fun! It is OK to skip some if you want.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Midnight Monday

The lady woke me up frum a nice nap and took this pikchur of me to use on mine profile. Then I went back to sleep.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sleepy Saturday

This iz how we spented owr Sataday aftanoon.
Me and Tiger wuz napping in the liffing room ware Momma wuz watching TV.

Bebe wuz keeping Grandmaw cumpany while she napped on her own bed.

And Blackie wuz napping on her cage as uzhooul.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Frisky Friday

In case anykitty wuz wundering if I got to play wiff mine furst toy, I did!

I fink Momma needs to get a camcorder. I'z all pixelated (noffing to do wiff Daisy's bee-you-teeful sisfur Pixie who looks wunderful in her new robe!) when she makes moovees wiff her digitul camera.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

White Whiskers Wednesday

Since Munday was a holiday and Momma wuz home, she chased us arownd wiff her silver flashy box and got good pikchurs of owr white wiskers. She'z gonna use them as owr new profile pikchurs.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Gotcha Day, Pluto!

Today iz Pluto's 13th gotcha day! He wuz adopted frum the Humane Society and since they sed he wuz abowt 2, that meens he'z abowt 15 now wich is purty old fur a ginormus woofie like him. Hiz face is getting whiter and whiter and hiz legs are getting stiff but he still luvs going to the beech.

Aunty Lynette and Uncle Frank takes Pluto and Suzy to the beech on the weekends wiff Sammie and sumtimes Aunty Leona and Uncle Stan meets them thare wiff Buddy and Chloe so they haff a pack of 5 woofies wiff them. Momma duzn't go cuz she duzn't swim and duzn't want to wake up that erly on the weekends. She'd rather cuddle wiff me in bed! Happy Gotcha Day Pluto!!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Midnight Monday - Blackie's Cage

The cage in the patio is MINE but sumtimes I let othur kitties use it too but ONLY if I say so.

(But not Tiger. He CHASES me so I don't want him anyware NEER me!)

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Furrenz

When the Kamuela Cats were still living heer, thare wuz always sumkitty to nap wiff or just hang owt wiff. It's nice when yu haff lotz of furrenz!

Effen Tiger liked to hang owt wiff Snookums. And she din't mind sharing her crunchies wiff him!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snugglepuss (RIP)

The last of the Kamuela cats is Snugglepuss. My sister Leona adopted her when she was 2 years old when she saw an ad in the newspaper for a free Scottish Fold cat. I think her original name was Little Gal but Leona called her Snugglepuss because she would tuck her head against your shoulder or in your armpit to hide while being carried. She was the smallest of Leona's 3 cats and had the cute habit of sitting up on her haunches like a meerkat while begging.

She was a very sweet and shy cat who also liked the "tummy up" position while napping, just like her fellow Kamuela cats, Jennifer and Snookums.

Snugglepuss went to the Rainbow Bridge on 9/23/03 when she was 18.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Widebody Wednesday - Featuring Snookums (RIP)

Snookums, another of my sister Leona's Kamuela cats, was the ultimate floofy widebody cat! Her favorite napping position was on her back but she was such a tease because she'd flaunt her huge white floofy tummy but wouldn't let anyone touch it without getting a nip in return!

On hot afternoons, Jennifer and Snookums would lie side by side on the kitchen floor under the ceiling fan.

Pumpkin would sometimes use Snookums as his pillow and just ignored her grumbling and growling.

Snookums went to the Rainbow Bridge last year on 5/7/06 when she was 16.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tabby Tuesday - Featuring Jennifer (RIP)

I've mentioned the "Kamuela Cats" in previous posts and I'll introduce them to you individually. When my sister Leona (the source of most of our cats) moved to the Big Island, she took her 3 cats, Jennifer, Snookums and Snugglepuss to Kamuela with her. After several years, she separated from her husband and moved back to Honolulu with her cats. When she got engaged again, it was to someone who was severely allergic to cats so she couldn't keep them and on 4/16/99, her 3 senior lady cats joined Emily, Shirley, Blackie and Bebe and we ended up with 7 cats!

Jennifer is actually Shirley's daughter. Shirley managed to escape from Leona's apartment before she could be spayed and met a romantic neighborhood tomcat and became a teenage mom. Leona found homes for the kittens but kept Jennifer for herself. She was either injured when she was very young or was born with something wrong with her hips. She couldn't jump very well and walked in a stiff-legged swaying way. If you ran your hand along her back, her rear end would collapse under your hand. She ended up with crumpled ears when each ear, at different times, developed what the vet called aural hematomas that had to be drained and then stitched up.

But she was the most sociable of Leona's 3 cats. During family parties, she would mingle with the guests instead of hiding like the other cats.

She demanded her stinky goodness every evening and wanted her saucer of milk in the morning. And she loved to sleep on her back in a twisted position with her tummy exposed!

She went to the Rainbow Bridge on 1/5/04 at the age of 17.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Mine Furst Toy

Afore Momma fownd owt I liked paper balls the bestest, she bawt me a tiger tale toy on a stik. But Bebe got to play wiff it afore I cood.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chinny Spot

I told effuryone afore that I haf a grate big spot on mine tummy.

Do yu know I haf anothur spot? It's rite on mine chin. Here it is.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Formerly Feral Friday

Heer's the vury furst movie that Momma made ov me. She made it 5 days after mine kitty momma losted me. Momma wuz holding me on her lap after feeding me, I wuz full and happy, and I wuz purring and purring!

Mom Robyn Appreciation Day!

We LUVS yu, Mom Robyn of the House of the Mostly Black Cats! Yu duz so much for the kitties on the blogosphere and Momma LUVS the bee-you-tee-ful pins yu sented to her fur helping owt Brandi and Carol. We hope yu feels better soon and all ov us in Hah-why-ee (effen Quincy!) is sending yu purrs and prayers.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Werdless Wenzday

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tabby Tuesday

I like to nap skrunched up in a corner of the cowch if I'm not napping on the back of it (see yestaday's post fur a pikchur.)

And heer's a gud look at the soks I ware on all ov mine feets.