Friday, June 29, 2007

Kitty Grass Stake Owt

Grandmaw wuz owtside in the bak taking care of her plants and us poodins wuz waiting fur her to come back in.

I wuz waiting on the washing masheen at the winder.

Tiger wuz on the dryer masheen.

Bebe wuz by the bak door.

Blackie wuz on her cage.

And when Grandmaw came bak in, she brawt owr pots of kitty grass!

We LUV owr grass, tho I fink it'z time that Grandmaw start up noo pots cuz these are purty chewed up.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Noo Woofie

Tho' Suzy wented to the Bridge just last week, a noo woofie haz already moved in. Uncle Frank's co-werker haz been trying to find a home fur thare woofie fur a long time cuz they haff to give him up, maybe cuz thare not supposed to keep a woofie in thare apartment. So Grandpaw went and brawt him to owr howse.
Hiz name iz Benson and he'z a Beagle-mix woofie abowt my age, 1 1/2 yeers old. He'z owtside wiff Pluto but he's yoosed to liffin inside the howse so he's asking to come in. He SEEMS nice but since he'z neffer liffed wiff poodins afore, he'z staying owtside fur now since we don't know if he'z gonna be a furrend or if he'll try to EET us!

Abowt Suzy: Dr. Lau wuz sad when he lerned that Suzy wented to the Bridge and wanted the vet at the VCA Animal Hospital ware Uncle Frank took Suzy to send him thare report so he cood figure owt whut happened. The report sed that Suzy had tested positif fur Ehrlichiosis. This is the same tick-borne disease that killed the Crew's woofie cuzin Daisy. They also sed that Suzy had sumfing big growing in her stomik and fink it wuz cancer. So she wuz reely sick and nobody knew. On Sunday, Uncle Frank and Aunty Lynette took Pluto to the beech and met Uncle Stan and Aunty Leona thare. They had a little ceremony to scatter Suzy's ashes on the water since she luffed going to the beech so much. They threw her ball in the water along wiff a lei and let the tide take them owt along wiff her ashes. So she'z happy and playing at the Rainbow Bridge now.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wacky Wenzday - Squiggles

Pumpkin: Fank yu DKM fur the kewl squiggles we gotted last week. Hehehe, I know whut I can do wiff them!


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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pumpkin's Secret Paws

Look! I got a box in the mail! It'z frum mine Secret Paws!

No Tiger, this box iz MINE!

Look at all the goodies I got! The furst fing I took frum the box wuz a bloo ball that skweeks when yu hit it.

Then I took owt a pink mousie.

And look, they effen gave me a twisty tie toy!

Mine summer Secret Paws am mine noo furrends, the Zoo Crew. Fank yu Zoey, Chewbacca, Gandalf and Smoke fur all the goodies! I luv efurryfing! Exkyooze me wile I go play wiff mine twisty tie toy. Momma, don't let Bebe open anyfing wile I'z bizzy.


Monday, June 25, 2007

A Noo Hi Place

Az I confessed in mine tru confeshuns meme, I like to climb on fings. Tables, cownters, cold box. I fownd anuther hi up place to go! On top ov Quincy's cage at nite when he's all covered up iz a GRATE place to hang owt.

Quincy duzn't like it tho cuz I wake him up so Grandmaw put a londry baskit thare. But thare'z still room fur me!

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Floofy Nek Friday

Yep, I haff LOTZ ov soft white furz on mine nek and chest.

'Kay, that's enuff pikchur taking. Can I go now?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

TP Thursday

Look what Grandmaw fownd in her baffroom! I dint do it! Honest!
*whew* Momma and Grandmaw knows that Bebe did this cuz he's dun this afore lotz of times afore I came to liff heer. So what the beans haff to do now iz put a rubba band arownd the roll of toilet paper to keep Bebe frum unrolling it.
Afta awhile, he stops trying and leeves the TP alone and they can take the rubba band away. He always purtends it wuzn't him but he's the nawty wun who dun it.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Suzy Has Gone to the Bridge

I haff vury sad noos. Mine owtside woofie sisfur Suzy went to the Bridge yestaday aftanoon. Momma neffer menshunned this but on June 6th when Blackie went back to the vet to haff the stiks on her tale taken off, Suzy went too fur her rooster shots and to haff a crusty lump on her tummy egzamenned. Dr. Lau sed it wuz a cancerus toomer and shood be cut owt and Suzy wuz left thare fur sergery. But fings dint go well. Thare were complicashuns aftur her operashun. Afta they took owt the drane they put in her on June 11th, it wuzn't heeling well and she had to go back fur more sergery on June 15th cuz they sed they dint get all of the toomer. Then on Sunday nite thare wuz bleeding that woodn't stop and she went back to the vet on June 18th. Uncle Frank dint fink she wuz getting proper care frum Dr. Lau and took her to anothur vet and they sed she had a vury bad infecshun frum the sergery but it wuz too late and Suzy left fur the Bridge. This iz vury sad and unexpekted. Just 2 weeks ago, she seemed strong and helthy and now she'z gone. She wuz just 7 yeers old. Pluto iz vury sad and misses Suzy. Rest in peace, sweet woofie!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

Doing the Full Monty iz sumfing effen vury yung poodins can do. No traning iz rekwired.

This pikchur wuz taken on 12/16/05 when I wuz abowt 9 weeks old.

Heer I are abowt 3 weeks later on 1/4/06 in wun of the few times I napped in a kitty bed.

And this was taken on 3/18/06 when I wuz abowt 5 munths old. Mine furz got longer so that mine uh, hoo ha bits arn't kwite so expozed.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Movie Monday - How to Curse

Last week when I had to go to the vet fur mine pee problum, I sed ALL the werds on the bad werd list when I wuz in the PTU riding in the big macheen wiff wheels. This reminded the Lady ov a movie she made last yeer when we had owr sleepovur at Aunty Pat's howse when they tented owr howse to kill the bugs in the walls. I used all the bad werds bak then too, effen afta the Lady let us owt of the PTUs at Aunty Pat's howse. Yu can heer how LOWD I sed them cuz I reely, reely dint want to be thare!

The othur little voice yu heer is Tiger. He needs to praktiss so that he can curse az lowd as me. Blackie it thare too but she'z hiding in wun of the PTUs. Yep, I'z the most vocal of all the poodins in this howse!

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mine Weekend Went Downhill

Mine weekend started owt purty good. Momma gave me a noo twisty tie toy since mine old wun wore owt and got retired (tossed in the rubbish can). I took it wiff me on Momma's bed and played wiff it and put mine smell all offur it.

Then I took a nap.
Later on that nite, Momma wuz carrying me and noticed what looked like DIRT in mine furs. She went "uh oh" and got the flee comb and wiff the furst try, cawt TWO FLEEZ wiff the comb. The dirt wuz akchooly FLEE POO. Az Miles Meezer wood say, "Crapity-crap-crap-crap!" We bin invested wiff flees by the flee bag woofies (namely Sammie and Chloe) who bin bringing thare fleez in the howse. So we got flee medysins put on owr neks.


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Friday, June 15, 2007

Formerly Feral Friday

I yoosed to lif in a bucket. That's rite, a bucket. When Aunty Leona fownd me, she put me in a big bucket and brawt me to mine noo furever home. I wuz so little that I got to lif in it fur awhile. This iz the bucket that I liffed in.

When I got bigger, I upgraded to a big cardbord boks. It effen had it'z own litter boks fur me to yooze. (Yu can see that I wuz a smart kitty and figered owt whut it wuz fur effen tho I dint haff a kitty momma to teech me.)

I liffed in the big boks until I got big enuff to climb owt on mine own. After that, I had the run of the howse. I bin running heer and thare effer since!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Secret Paws

Yup, owr Secret Paws are reddy to go! Iz wun of these bokses fur YOU? Wait and see!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Werdless Wenzday - Zzzzzz

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tabby Tummy Tuesday

Momma iz always taking Full Monty tummy pikchurs ov me.
This is reely emberrussing and I wish she wood stop!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Going to the Vet SUKS!

Yep, as the grate Rocky the Gutter Cat sez, "Going to the vet suks!" SO WHUT if I keep going to the litter boks and only a little bit ov pee comes owt. Itz coming owt! Itz not bluddy like poor Oscar the Puppy Cat's pee. I'z not making pee OWTSIDE the boks. But the Lady wuz wurried and stuffed me in the PTU and took me to the vet.

Tiger tried to help but wuzn't able to bust me owt. I sed all the bad werds on the bad werd list all the way thare and all the time I wuz thare. Dr. Lau SKWEEZED mine tummy and sed I wuzn't blocked up. I cood haf told them that! He sed I had sum crystals and an infekshun AND HE STABBED ME! I haff to get Clavamox skwerted in mine mouf twice a day for 7 days! And I haff to eet Hill's 'scripshun c/d food frum now on. Since we share owr food bowls, Pumpkin, Tiger and Blackie haff to eet this too. Since Blackie had pee problums afore, she'z supposed to eet c/d food but Pumpkin and Tiger don't haff this problum but thare stuck eeting 'scripshun food. THIS SUKS!

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Movie Monday

This video wuz made last yeer when I wuz chasing the mousie in the rownd scratchy toy in the patio.

Yu can heer how NOIZY it iz owtside owr howse. We liff at a bizzy intersekshun and on the othur side of the hedge that goes arownd the backyard iz Likelike (LEE-kay-LEE-kay) Highway and during the daytime, it'z reely, reely noizy. This nayburhood iz not a safe place fur a poodin to be owtside. Many yeers ago, effen afore Blackie came to liff heer, the poodins in this howse were mostly owtside poodins. Buddy and Jasper were hit by carz. Rudy wuz kilt by the ginormus pit bull woofie next door when he went over the fence. Fred and Petey disappeared and nobudy noes what happened to them. I'z glad we am all inside poodins now ware we am safe!

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Floofy Friday - Grooming Mine Tale

I'z the only floofy poodin in this howse but I don't like to be brushed. Blackie LUVS it, Tiger is okay wiff it, and Bebe will only stay still fur brushing if he'z held down. But I hiss and run away. I want to keep mine own furs cleen. And I don't haff any hareball problums... at leest not yet. Blackie and Bebe are the ones who hack up hareballs all the time. Heer's how I groom mine tale:

Speeking of tales, on Wenzday Blackie went back to the vet to haff the stiks on her tale taken off. Her tale werks fine now and she can hold it up agin. But thare iz a bald spot at the place ware she had her owie. It wuz a little bit wet too cuz it wuz all covered up and dint get a chance to dry up but now that her tale iz free again, it will heel up quik and her furz will soon grow bak.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tiger's Gotcha Day

Four yeers ago today, Momma took me into the howse frum the hedge and I neffer went back owtside. I'z glad she herd me cryin when I wuz hungry and lonely and cold and all by mineself in the hedge.

She fed me and wunce I wuzn't skeered anymore, she cawt me and brawt me inside. I cood haf dun wiffowt the baff,

but I'z happy to be an inside poodin and I neffer want to go owtside again.

Thare's no SHRIMP owtside!

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